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1.      What are three advantages of VLANs? (Choose three)

  • VLANs establish broadcast domains in switched networks.
  • VLANs utilize packet filtering to enhance network security.
  • VLANs provide a method of conserving IP addresses in large networks.
  • VLANs provide a low-latency internetworking alternative to routed networks.
  • VLANs allow access to network services based on department, not physical location.
  • VLANs can greatly simplify adding, moving, or changing hosts on the network.

  • 2.      Refer to the topology and router output shown in the exhibit. A techinician is troubleshooting host connectivity issues on the switches. The hosts in VLANs 10 and 15 on Sw11 are unable to communicate with hosts in the same VLANs on Sw12. Hosts in the Admin VLAN are able to communicate. The port-to-VLAN assignments are identical on the two switches. What could be the problem?

  • The Fa0/1 port is not operational on one of the switches.
  • The link connecting the switches has not been configured as a trunk
  • At lease one port needs to be configured in VLAN 1 for VLANs 10 and 15 to be able to communicate
  • Port FastEthenet 0/1 needs to be configured as an access link on both switches
  • A router is required for host on Sw11 in VLANs 10 and 15 to communicate with hosts in the same VLAN on Sw12
    3.      What are two benefits of using VTP in a switching environment? (Choose two)
  • It allows switches to read frame tags.
  • It allows ports to be assigned to VLANs automatically.
  • It maintains VLAN consistency across a switched network.
  • It allows frames from multiple VLANs to use a single interface.
  • It allows VLAN information to be automatically propagated throughout the switching environment.
    4.      Which three of these statements regarding 802.1Q trunking are correct? (choose three)
    -          802.1Q native VLAN frames are untagged by default
    -          802.1Q trunking ports can also be secure port
    -          802.1Q trunk can use 10 Mb/s Ethernet  interfaces
    -          802.1Q trunks require full-duplex, point-to-point connectivity
    -          802.1Q trunks should have native VLANs that are the same at both ends
    5.      Refer to the exhibit. An organization connect two locatons, supporting two VLANs, through to switches as shown. Inter-VLANs communicated is not required. The network is working properly and there is fully connectivity. The organization needs to add additional VLANs, so it has been decided to implement VTP. Both switches are configured as VTP servers in the same VTP domain. VLANs added to Switch1 are not learned by Switch2. Based on this information and partial configuration is the exhibit, what is the problem?

    -          Switch2 should be configured as a VTP client
    -          VTP is Cisco proprietory and requires a different trunking encapsulation
    -          A router is required to route VTP advertisements between the swtiches
    -          STP has blocked on of the links between the switches, limiting connectivity.
    -          The links between the switches are access links
    6.      Which three elements must be used when you configure a router interface for VLAN trunking? (choose three)
    -          One IP network or subnetwork for each subinterface
    -          Subinterface numbering that matches vlan tages
    -          Subinterface encapsulation identifiers that match vlan tags
    -          A management domain for each subinterface
    -          One physical interface for each subinterface
    -          One subinterface per vlan.
    7.      Which two link protocols are used to carry multiple VLANs over a single link? (Choose two)
    - VTP
    - 802.1q
    - IGP
    - ISL  
    - 802.3u

    Penjelasan :
    siwithes cisco support dua trunking protocols 802.1q dan ISL. 802.1q merupakan standard protocol bebas yang compatible dengan vendor selain cisco. sedangkan ISL(inter-swich Link) merupakan properti cisco
    8.      Which protocol provides a method of sharing VLAN configuratino information between two cisco switch?
    -          VTP
    -          802.1Q
    -          RSTP
    -          STP
    9.      Which statements describe two of the benefits of VLAN Trunking Protocol? (Choose two)
    - VTP allows routing between VLANs.
    - VTP allows a single switch port to carry information to more than one VLAN.
    - VTP allows physically redundant links while preventing switching loops. 
    - VTP simplifies switch administration by allowing switches to automatically share VLAN configuration information. 
    - VTP helps to limit configuration errors by keeping VLAN naming consistent across the VTP domain. 
    - VTP enhances security by preventing unauthorized hosts from connecting to the VTP domain.

    mungkin anda berpikir akan menjawab pilihan terakhir, yaitu untuk security mencegah host connect to VTP domain, jawaban ini salah karena VTP mencegah unauthorized siwches (bukan host) untuk koneksi ke VTP domain. 
    10.  Which two benefits are provided by creating VLANs? (Choose two)
    - added security
    - dedicated bandwidth
    - provides segmentation
    - allows switches to route traffic between subinterfaces
    - contains collisions
    11.  What are three valid reasons to assign ports to VLANs on a switch? (Choose three)
    - to make VTP easier to implement
    - to isolate broadcast traffic
    - to increase the size of the collision domain
    - to allow more devices to connect to the network
    - to logically group hosts according to function
    - to increase network security
    12.  By default, each port in a cisco catalyst switch is assigned to VLAN1. Which two recommendations are key to avoid unauthorized management access? (choose two)
    -          Create an additional ACL to block the access to VLAN1
    -          Move the management VLAN to something other than default.
    -          Move all port to another VLAN and deactivate the default VLAN
    -          Limit the access in the switch using port security configuration
    -          Use static VLAN in trunk and access port to restrict connections.
    -          Shutdown all unused ports in the catalyst switch
    13.  What are two results of entering the Switch(config)#vtp mode client command on a Catalyst switch? (Choose two)
    - The switch will ignore VTP summary advertisements.
    - The switch will forward VTP summary advertisements.
    - The switch will process VTP summary advertisements.
    - The switch will originate VTP summary advertisements. 
    - The switch will create, modify and delete VLANs for the entire VTP domain.
    14.  A network administrator is explaining VTP configuration to a new technician. What should the network administrator tell the new technician about VTP configuration? (Choose three)
    - A switch in the VTP client mode cannot update its local VLAN database.
    - A trunk link must be configured between the switches to forward VTP updates.
    - A switch in the VTP server mode can update a switch in the VTP transparent mode.
    - A switch in the VTP transparent mode will forward updates that it receives to other switches.
    - A switch in the VTP server mode only updates switches in the VTP client mode that have a higher VTP revision number.
    - A switch in the VTP server mode will update switches in the VTP client mode regardless of the configured VTP domain membership.
    15.  Which statement about vlanoperation on cisco catalyst switches is true?
    -          When packet is received from an 802.1Q trunk, the vlan id can be determined from the source MAC address table.
    -          Unkown unicast frames are retrasmitted only to the ports that belong to the same VLAN
    -          Ports between switches should be configured in access mode so that vlans can span across the ports
    -          Broadcast and multicast frames are retransmitted to ports thaat are configured on different vlan.
    16.  An administrator is unsuccessful in adding VLAN 50 to a switch. While troubleshooting the problem, the administrator views the output of the show vtp status command, which is displayed in the graphic. What commands must be issued on this switch to add VLAN 50 to the database? (Choose two)

    - Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan 50
    - Switch(vlan)#vtp server
    - Switch(config)# config-revision 20
    - Switch(config)#vlan 50 name Tech
    - Switch(vlan)# vlan 50
    - Switch(vlan)# switchport trunk vlan 50
    17.  What is the name of the VTP mode of operation that enables a switch to forward only VTP advertisements while still permitting the editing of local VLAN information?
    - server
    - client
    - tunnel
    - transparent
    18.  What are three benefit of implemeting vlans? (choose three)
    -          A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many physical groups to use the same network infrastructure
    -          Broadcast stroms can be mitigated by decreasing the number of broadcast domain, thus increasing their size
    -          A higher level of network security can be reached by separating sensitive data traffic from other network traffic.
    -          Port-based vlans increase switch-port use efficiet, thanks to 802.1Q trunks
    -          A more efficient use of bandwidth can be achieved allowing many logical network to use the same network infrastructure
    -          Broadcast stroms can be mitigated by increasing the number of broadcast domains, thus reducing their size.
    -          VLANs make it easier for IT staff to configure new logical groups, because the vlans all belong to the same broadcast domain.
    19.  Assuming the default switch configuration, which approach should you use to configure the extended vlan range (1006 through 4094) on a cisco catalyst 3750 series switch?
    -          Configure the switch to be in VTP client mode
    -          Configure the switch to be in VTP domaint mode
    -          Configure the switch to be VTP transparant mode
    -          Configure the switch to be VTPv2
    20.  A rame from VLAN1 of switch S1 is sent to switch S2 where the frame received on VLAN2. What causes this behavior?
    -          Trunk mode mismatches
    -          Vlans that do not correspond to a unique IP subnet
    -          Native vlan mismatches
    -          Allowing only vlan 2 on the destination
    21.  Refer to the diagram. All hosts have connectivity with one another. Which statements describe the addressing scheme that is in use in the network? (Choose three)

    - The subnet mask in use is
    - The subnet mask in use is
    - The IP address can be assigned to hosts in VLAN1
    - The IP address can be assigned to hosts in VLAN1
    - The LAN interface of the router is configured with one IP address.
    - The LAN interface of the router is configured with multiple IP addresses.
    22.  Refer to the exhibit. Which of these statements correctly describes the state of the switch once the boot process has been completed?

    - As FastEthernet0/12 will be the last to come up, it will not be blocked by STP.
    - Remote access management of this switch will not be possible without configuration change.
    - More VLANs will need to be created for this switch.
    - The switch will need a different IOS code in order to support VLANs and STP.

    Dari output kita lihat bahwa administrator men shutdown interface vlan1 yang merupakan default vlan, jadi tidak ada yang bisa mengakses secara remote (seperti telnet) --> B betul
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